Welcome to the GGAHC Research Group @ Hong Kong Baptist University.

Our research is motivated by better understandings of processes that determine the spatiotemporal variations of air pollutants, and their implications for public health and climate.

Our research uses numerical atmospheric chemistry/weather/climate models (WRF-Chem, GEOS-Chem, WRF, CESM, etc.) and advanced statistical methods (machine learning, etc.) to interpret observed air pollution/climate phenomena,  to assess their health impacts, and to prepare for the future. We work with researchers all over the world to advance modeling/prediction and monitoring of air quality, and to improve the assessment of health risks of exposure to air quality and climate extremes.

We are part of the Department of Geography at Hong Kong Baptist University.

We are now seeking passionate Research Postgradate students to join our group.

Please check out our Openings.

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Jun. 20, 2021

Welcome new members!

Sept. 1, 2020

Welcome XX and ZXR to join our group!

Dec. 15, 2019

Welcome JBX to join our group!

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